When Participation Becomes Institutionalized

Special Report: Critique of Participation and Governmentality
Civil Society, Reproductive Health, and Feminist Critics in Mexico
By Alicia Márquez Murrieta

Since 1997, Mexico City has become an increasingly important space for interaction between public healthcare institutions and organizations from civil society close to certain feminist positions. More specifically, we can observe the development of this phenomenon in matters of reproductive health. Recent studies on this subject have dealt with the tensions and criticisms generated by this relationship and its implications lightly or not at all. Our objective is twofold. We analyze the types of interactions between organizations from civil society and Mexico City’s public healthcare sector, and we attempt to understand the tensions this relationship has created within these organizations as well as within different currents within the feminist movement.


  • civil feminism
  • civil society organisations
  • participation
  • autonomous radical feminism
  • institutionalisation
  • autonomy
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