Digital Activism in Light of Political Consumerism: Pirates and Tea Partiers under the Microscope

Online Political Participation: Business as Usual?
By Nicolas Baygert

The potential related to the digital decompartmentalization of political discourse facilitates the co-construction of a new type of political offer. Political consumerism aims to describe this phenomenon. The recent examples of the Tea Party and the Pirate Party are drawn on here to comprehend the emergence of new forms of self-managed or even peer-to-peer activism. Although these movements innovate through their decision-making processes, one still has to question their real impact on democracy. Likewise, beyond their role as mere protest parties, it is worth evaluating the ability of these mobilizations to rethink the terms of political participation.


  • political consumerism
  • Parti pirate
  • Tea Party
  • Peer-to-Peer politics
  • liquid democracy
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