Women’s Participation at the Supranational Level: A “Gendered” Citizenship

By Isabelle Giraud

This article demonstrates the persistent marginalization of women at the international level, despite their contribution to the construction of a supranational citizenship regime, over the last forty years. Whether it is in terms of access to institutions, of rights, of belonging, or of sharing responsibilities, women encounter obstacles and specific devices that make supranational citizenship a “gendered” citizenship. This “gendered” citizenship can be understood by the inheritance of institutional arrangements aside from and outside institutions for women to express their needs, by the persistence of intersectional power relations and stereotypes concerning gender, and by discursive repertoires framing the construction of a supranational citizenship at the UN level of governance.


  • NGOs
  • UN system
  • participation
  • supranational citizenship
  • feminism
  • women’s politics
  • women’s rights
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