When the Occupiers March with the Occupied: Studying a Paradoxical Cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian Activists

By Karine Lamarche

By studying the cooperation between Palestinians under Israeli occupation and Israelis who take sides with them, this article deals with the question of domination-based relations within collective mobilizations. Sociologists of social movements have studied the effect of social hierarchies on activist practices and underlined the difficulties that actors occupying unequal positions and facing different risks may encounter in struggling together. In the present case, the Israelis who join the Palestinians in their struggle are indirectly responsible for the latter’s fate and remain, involuntarily, occupiers. How, then, is it possible to prevent the activist scene from becoming a space of reproduction of domination-based relations?


  • activism
  • collective mobilizations
  • domination-based relations
  • Israel/Palestine
  • occupation
  • joint struggle
  • cooperation
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