“Negotiating in order to Fight Better”: Defining Public Problems and Mobilization Strategies in Guadeloupe in 2009

By Pierre Odin

This article aims at to provideproviding a cross-cutting perspective on about tensions between mobilization and public participation, in order to discuss the framework for defining conditions of public problems definition during a situation of generalized social conflict—as it was the case in Guadeloupe in 2009. By questioning the effects of coalition work and the stakes of organizational competition in the strategic self-empowerment of the protestors, we want aim to explain how indigenous activist categories groups may can transform themselves into public problems. We will also question the conditions of the diffusion and circulation of critical resources diffusion and circulation through a conflict-sensitive approach toof the negotiation process.


  • Guadeloupe
  • collective bargaining
  • mobilization
  • coalitions
  • political crisis
  • beliefs
  • public problems
  • public participation
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