Distancing Sexism? Osez le féminisme! and La Barbe’s Actions in the Press

By Marion Dalibert

This article focuses on the media coverage of Osez le féminisme! [Dare feminism!] and La Barbe [the Beard] in the French national press, from their creation until June 2014. It investigates the possibility for these movements that are both socially identified as “white” to participate in the framing of the societal problem of sexism in the public sphere. This paper shows that media coverage—which I analyze from a constructivist perspective on discourse analysis—is significant in at least two respects: not only is the systemic sexism that operates in French society put at a distance, but social relations of gender and race are (re-)produced.


  • media
  • public sphere
  • social movement
  • feminism
  • whiteness
  • gender
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