The metropolis, a matter for elected officials. Putting citizens at a distance in territorial reform (2012–2016)

Do elected officials like democracy?
By Christophe Parnet

This article deals with the creation of metropolises in France through the MAPTAM law, conceived as one of the three strands of “Acte III de la décentralisation,” which aims to increase public participation. However, this aim is in reality the adjustment variable of a reform that is characterized, on the contrary, by the distancing of citizens. Spearheaded by the local elected officials with the most political resources, this reform is being challenged by another group of elected officials who have far fewer political resources. This latter group is first seeking to encourage public participation in order to counter this resource imbalance, before resolving this opposition through discreet negotiations between elected officials.

  • metropolises
  • territorial reform
  • decentralization
  • local democracy
  • public participation
  • France
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