Daily life and the event: Experiences of time in women’s personal writing in 1830 and 1848

By Isabelle Matamoros

In this paper, we analyze how twelve women—the citizens who seem to be furthest from the revolutionary experience—wrote about their experiences of time during the revolutions of 1830 and 1848. None of them took an active part in these revolutions, but all wrote about their life in diaries, letters, or memoirs. Before the event, they describe a boring, ordinary, and routine daily life. When it occurs, it triggers new emotions and upsets their way of being in the world. More than a criticism of domination, it offers them the hope of finally being involved in a collective present from which they had felt excluded.

  • Personal writings
  • Revolutions
  • Experiences
  • Daily life
  • Women
  • Nineteenth century.
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