Political representation and the uses of sortition in Mexico: 1808-1857

2. The medieval world and the modern world
By Alexei Daniel Serafín Castro

The objective of the present article is to analyze the practice of political sortition in Mexico throughout the first half of the nineteenth century, especially during the years 1808-1857. Contrary to the claim made by most academic research on the topic, sortition did not disappear with the triumph of modern political representation, but survived in the Spanish and Spanish-American tradition. The first part briefly describes practices of sortition during the liberal revolution in Spain in 1809-1810, with special attention given to the Kingdom of New Spain. The second part analyzes the way that sortition was practiced during the period that followed the Constitution of Cádiz (1812) and in Mexico before and after independence, until 1857. I suggest calling the use of sortition in the post-Cádiz period in Mexico “political settlement.”


  • sortition
  • Mexico
  • nineteenth century
  • political representation
  • Spanish America
  • elections
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