Castoriadis and Rancière: Contributions to a philosophy of sortition

4. The contemporary world
By José Luis Moreno Pestaña

This text presents a study of the readings by Rancière and Castoriadis of Athenian democracy. Its main objective is to research their possible contributions to a contemporary philosophy of sortition in politics. Two approaches are used in our analysis. First, a brief historical contextualization of the work of both authors will be carried out, along with a reflection on the traits of the philosophical analyses of Athenian democracy. Secondly, the analysis presented by both authors about democratic assemblies will be defined according to three lines of enquiry: the knowledge required for access, ways of encouraging participation, and, finally, the nature of moral filters safeguarding and guaranteeing democratic practices.


  • ancient democracy
  • sortition
  • Rancière
  • Castoriadis
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