The “Conseil citoyen” and urban project in Romainville: The conditions of co-construction

Special report—Citizens’ committees: A lot of fuss about nothing?
By Léa Billen

Mandatory in priority neighborhoods since 2014, “Conseils citoyens” are participatory democratic bodies responsible for co-construction of urban renewal projects in the concerned neighborhoods. Through the example of the “Conseil citoyen” in the Gagarine district in Romainville City, this article shows that the integration of conflict into the deliberation process is a condition of this collaborative approach. It suggests a critical analysis of the approach that indexes the legitimacy of the “Conseil citoyen” to its representativity and the permanence of political delegation in participative bodies.

  • participatory democracy
  • conseils citoyens
  • urban policy
  • urban renewal
  • representation
  • deliberation
  • Romainville City (France)
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